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Our next generation at RTC Contracting.  Pictured is the grandson of the owner of RTC  Contacting, Inc.

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E-mail: info@rtc-contracting.com

RTC  Contracting  can perform many of your contractor needs, not only excavation but also residential and light commercial construction or repair.

Times have changed! We are all more aware of water quality, our streams and rivers, and  our ground water. Practices that our grandparents  may have used fifty years ago are no longer acceptable. Running wastewater over a bank may have been the norm almost a century ago, but with higher density populations, and knowledge of environmental issues, septic systems have changed dramatically.

Education within RTC is vital to a changing business and environmental climate. Recently the State of Ohio has changed the requirements for license of the septic system installer, and RTC has completed this process and has a Certificate of Completion with the Ohio Department of Health. RTC is now a certified installer and Service Provider for septic systems in the state of Ohio.

With these new regulations and the above certification, you can be assured that all work is done in compliance with the new regulations and a long lasting septic system will result with an emphasis on environmental issues.





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