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Common reasons for a Septic System Failure


ˇ a household water leak or excess water use that overloads the system.

ˇ changes in landscaping that paves over, crushes, or damages a portion of the system.

ˇ changes in position of downspouts, rain gutters, and paved areas that drain excess water into the area of the yard with the septic system.

ˇ Failure to pump the tank in a timely schedule

What can be done to maintain the system

Monitor water usage, such as the length of your shower, water usage at your sink, and spreading out your  laundry schedule instead of doing multiple laundry loads all at once. Also be sure that your footer drains or sump pump de-watering does not enter your septic system. These simple steps can improve the function of your system greatly.

Aeration Jet Brand Systems

RTC Contracting can inspect your system and if a motor fails we can provide a new motor at a substantial savings. Some systems have either surface or subsurface filters, and they will need replacement at some time.

RTC Contracting is equipped to make these updates.

Leaching Wells The Leaching well has a finite life and will need replacement at some time. The average life time for a leaching well is 25years to 35 years. The variables include soil conditions, water usage, care of the septic tank, and inspection of the septic system.

Should an additive be put into the septic system? No. The system will work fine with no enzymes or additives.



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